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Are you tired of spending money on sports trainers that just fall apart? Are you looking for a sports trainer that will hold up for more than one season? One that can be used for multiple sports? Or one that delivers fast, accurate returns? Look no further, the AllBall Pro training system can do all of this and more! The All Ball Pro is a high quality, stand alone practice partner that is tailored for all ball sports. It develops fundamentals, accuracy, agility, endurance, skills, and confidence whether it is used for training or fitness.

The All Ball Pro rebound training system was developed by Kurt Freund and is manufactured by Sportworx, LLC in St. Louis, Missouri. Growing up in the Midwest, Kurt‘s love for sports started at an early age. As the father and coach of two active boys, Kurt was always involved in the practice and training of their multiple sports. After buying various “pitch backs” and “rebounders” that consistently failed or fell apart, Kurt began to wonder if there wasn’t something better. As a design/build contractor, Kurt enjoyed planning and installing multi-sport, backyard game courts.

City County Champ Team

The excitement and entertainment that these backyard courts generated for families soon became part of the inspiration behind the All Ball Pro. Kurt was determined to design and manufacture a high quality, innovative product that would be extremely durable and could be used for all ball sports…the All Ball Pro.

The All Ball Pro is proudly made in the USA and we are dedicated to providing a high quality product that is easy to use, fully assembled, and sets up in minutes. We are excited to offer you an exceptional training system that will improve your skills as well as provide fun and entertainment.

So get up, get out, have fun, and improve your game with the All Ball Pro training system. You’ll be glad you did!


All Ball Pro Gives Back to the Community


On November 28, 2012 St. Louis Cardinal pitcher Chris Carpenter hosted a cocktail party and silent auction to benefit the Judevine Center for Autism. Sportworx donated an All Ball Pro Elite 7 to the auction. The lucky bidder was Jamie Langenbrunner of the St. Louis Blues hockey team. A great night for a great cause!! Sportworx supports Chris Carpentar in this annual event.


If you purchase an All Ball Pro rebound training system and you are a resident of the St. Louis Metropolitan Area, your rebounder could be delivered and set-up for $75.00