The Stinger

The Stinger


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$440 + $125

  • New UnilegTM design facilitates high and low screen positions

  • The Stinger is the “first” sport specific product developed and produced by Sportworx.

  • The Stinger tilts to any desired angle with 95% ball return rates. Like its cousin the “AllBall Pro”, the Stinger is outfitted with 6-inch wheels for extreme mobility.

  • The Stinger offers approximately the same size rebounding surface area as the traditional trampoline style lacrosse rebounders on the market.

  • Offset frame axles enable rebounding screen to be flipped over to the lower position of play.

  • The Stinger will fit in most cars. It can ship as a ground parcel, and also, like the AllBall Pro, the Stinger is fully assembled with merely a simple set-up. At 67 pounds, it's easy to break down really makes it a “Win, Win” situations for families and coaches to bring the Stinger to the field.

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