Unit pricing would be the same with shipping quoted on a per order basis. Shipping charges past one item are calculated on a per order basis due to the potential size, weight, and dimensions of the shipment. Orders of any size, quantity, or combination of units are accepted. 

You can use our online order system to order the rebounders, we'll invoice for later for full shipping,  or you can call us direct for bulk orders and set up an order.

Our small accessories are shipped flat rate without limitation.

Freight Shipping Pricing

Single unit shipping

$200 flat rate for one unit (promotional discounts may apply)

multiple units estimated shipping

$300 estimated flat rate. We will invoice for any overages or reimburse if needed.

Pallet Limits per Item

Stinger: 10
JV: 6
Premier 5 & XL: 4
Elite 7 & XL: 3

St. Louis Metro

For local delivery (20 mile radius) we offer a $75 dollar delivery. Pricing may increase with several units, please contact us if you'd like a immediate quote before ordering. 
You can also set up an appointment for pick up, free of charge